Concur Travel & Expense Management

SAP Concur will be used as the university’s expense management system for travel expense reports and non-travel procurement card expenses, replacing SAP TRIP and the procard reconciliation process. The travel booking system in Concur will remain the same but will include added features for requesting and expensing travel. Procurement policies and procedures were refined through a partnership between Purchasing and University Financial Services in order to simplify financial accounting for users through the “smart” Concur expense management system.


Travel Expense Policy

Procard Expense Policy

Updated Business Policies and Procedures

Travel Arrangements

Concur Quick Reference Guides

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Tableau Reporting

Concur Procard Transaction Deadlines


Logging into Concur

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To access Concur, go to and sign in with your linkblue ID, select the Employee Self Service tab and choose the Concur menu option.



Training pic.pngTraining

On-Demand Videos related to Concur processes and procedures have been uploaded to myUK Learning and can be viewed at any time.  To access these videos, login to myUK and go to the Employee Self Service tab. Select myUK Learning and search for the “Concur” videos.  The On-Demand videos include demos such as creating a general travel request, travel expense report, procard expense report, and the approver process. Quick Reference Guides for various Concur processes can be found here.

TIP: Concur Travel and Expense Management training can be taken at any time and in any order. However, we recommend starting with the “Introduction to Concur Travel and Expense Management” on-demand video on myUK Learning and the “Getting Started” Quick Reference Guides.  After viewing those you can move on to viewing more specified training videos and guides.



Periodically, University Financial Services will send out newsletters to Concur Users regarding recent changes and helpful reminders for Concur.  You can view the most recent newsletter here.  To see past issues of the newsletter please click here


Mobile Apps

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Concur App

Fully integrates your expense management process. The Concur App can automatically turn receipts into expenses and send them directly to Concur, making expense reports quicker and easier by doing a lot of the work for you.

TripIt App

Creates a master itinerary for each of your trips that you can access anytime and keeps your itinerary, reservations, meetings, and other trip information all in one place and easy to share.





If you have questions about the Concur system you can e-mail