Recently Updated BPM's

E-7-16 Procurement Cards

May 13, 2021

Section IV. Responsibilities, A. Cardholder, 5. has been edited as follows:

“Submit Concur expense reports in a timely manner. Procurement card transactions should be submitted to Accounts Payable Services by the 15th calendar day of the following month. Transactions more than 60 days past due will result in temporary suspension or cancelation of the procurement card.”

E-2-1 Treasury Operations Manual

May 7, 2021

The revised policy includes the below two revisions on pages 18 - 19 in section III. Imprest Funds, C. Procedures:

  • 2. e. 2) “Requests for overdue reconciliations will be sent by Treasury Services. The custodian’s supervisor will be copied on a fist request, the next level supervisor will be included on a second request, and Internal Audit will be notified on a third request.” and
  • 4. “Consequences of non-compliance – Misuse or improper accounting of the fund will, at a minimum, result in closing the fund.”

E-5-1 Travel Expenses Reimbursement

January 5, 2021

Updated the IRS Standard Business Mileage rate to 56 cents, effective January 1, 2021.

E-5-1 Travel Expenses Reimbursement

November 16, 2020

Updated Local Travel section to add that in order to receive personal meal per diem at 75% of the standard per diem rate for the locality, the trip must exceed the local travel distance and the traveler is in travel status for more than 12 hours, but the traveler chooses not to stay overnight.

E-50-4 Project Payroll Confirmation

October 8, 2020

This policy is intended to formalize existing guidance to faculty and staff by describing the university’s method and associated responsibilities for reviewing payroll expenses directly charged and/or cost shared on sponsored projects.  Consistent with current practice, the document further outlines the policy, roles & responsibilities and key considerations when completing this quarterly review and confirmation process.

E-50-3 Cost Transfer Policy

October 8, 2020

A new policy that replaces the appendix for Cost Transfers for Sponsored Projects.

Provides definitions and outlines responsibilities related to cost transfers.

Provides guidance related to original charges, allowable cost transfers, costs benefiting multiple projects, inappropriate cost transfers, documentation, timing, expected award costs, sponsor requirements and denial and disallowances.

E-5-1 Reimbursement of Travel Expenses

September 8, 2020

Major changes have been made to this travel policy, below are some key policy changes.  Please review policy for complete changes.

  • Per diems will now include incidentals
  • On departure and return date of travel you will receive 75% of per diem
  • For same day travel we will now allow 75% per diem for travel destinations that are 50 miles or further away from the employee’s workstation or traveler’s residence, whichever is greater
  • For international travel, the traveler is no longer limited to federal allowable per diem, they must use lodging accommodations that are necessary and reasonable
  • Cost comparisons will only be required for airfare combining business and personal travel and driving over 500 miles one-way to a destination
  • A procard must be used to pay for all University business travel, when possible
  • Business travel expenses paid for using a procard will only require receipts for purchases over $75, unless it’s a business meal, then receipts are required regardless of the amount
  • For out-of-pocket travel expenses, receipts will be required for all expenses regardless of amount
  • Any unallowable or personal charge placed on the procard will be withheld from the employee’s paycheck
  • There will no longer be a difference between standard procards and enhanced procards.  All procards will have the purchasing authority of an enhanced procard. 

B-3-2-2 Payment Request Document (PRD)

September 8, 2020

Removed wording related to enhanced and open procurement cards.

E-7-10 Discretionary Policy

September 8, 2020

Removed wording related to enhanced and open procurement cards.  All procurement cards now have the enhanced procurement card purchasing authority. 

E-7-11 Establishment of Student Recognition Awards and Prizes

September 8, 2020

Procurement cards are now allowed to be used to purchase gifts for student awards.

E-7-16 Procurement Cards

September 8, 2020

Added updated definitions, roles, and procedures related to implementation of Concur Travel and Expense Management.  Removed enhanced and open as procard types, now all procards have the same purchasing authority. 

E-5-2 Travel Advances and Repayments

September 2, 2020

Updated to reflect the new procedures for requesting a travel advance or repayment related to the implementation of Concur Travel and Expense Management.