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For questions about travel reimbursement, procard edits, or Concur Expense, please see the Concur Travel & Expense Management website or email

Location: 301 Peterson Service Building

Contact: - (859) 257-4758

Travel Services is here to ensure UK's designated travel vendors AAA Corporate Travel Services, Concur Travel, and Avant Travel provide cost effective and efficient travel arrangements for official University business travel, and to deliver good customer service and support to all University employees.

Travel Arrangements:

AAA Corporate Travel Services

Avant Travel (859) 233-0000

Concur Login - HelpDesk (877) 463-0543

Fax: (859) 257-4805

International Travel 

  • Concur Travel is available for faculty and staff to make their international travel arrangements.  International airline tickets paid with UK funds must be purchased through UK Travel Services' AAA Corporate Travel Services, Concur Travel, or Avant Travel.
  • All UK-endorsed faculty and staff international travel must be registered in the University’s international travel registry, regardless of funding source. Registration ensures that travelers receive detailed information about the travel medical and quarantine insurance that will cover them during international trips.
  • UK faculty and staff who are not U.S. citizens or permanent residents (i.e., green card holders) may be subject to additional U.S. immigration review and should consult with UK's office of International Student & Scholar Services before traveling abroad for any purpose.
  • UK-endorsed international travel by employees traveling with students, or by students traveling independently, including student employees, such as GAs, RAs, and TAs, is governed by University Administrative Regulation 4:9 and may be restricted depending on the Department of State advisory level in place for the destination country.

Domestic Travel - Domestic travel must be approved by the traveler's supervisor.   

Guidance for Cancelled Flight when Employee is in Travel Status 

  •  If you purchased your ticket through UK designated travel vendor AAA or Concur at 859-323-5354 or Avant Travel at 859-233-0000, please call the respective agency 24/7 and an agent will be glad to re-accommodate you.  
    • If your canceled ticket credit is not used for your new ticket at that time, AAA or Avant will advise you of the rules to use the credit for future travel or if the airline will refund the cancelled portion of the ticket instead. 
    • If your flight is cancelled when you are at the airport, you may be instructed to stand in line and the airline gate agent will re-accommodate you.  If so, while in line, go ahead and call either AAA or Avant and by talking to an agent you may get serviced quicker.
  •  If you purchased your ticket through an alternate vendor (e.g., Expedia, Fly Away Travel), then you will need to call the vendor/airline directly to assist you. 
    • If your canceled ticket credit is not used for your new ticket at that time, the agent should be able to advise you how to use the credit for future travel or if the airline will refund the canceled portion of the ticket instead.
    • If your flight is cancelled when you are at the airport, you will need to be re-accommodated by one of the respective airline agents on site.
  • Following standard protocol for sponsored projects, refunds for airfare purchased on sponsored projects must be applied to the account where the expense originated.  If unused ticket credits for cancelled airfare purchased on a sponsored project will not be utilized for that sponsored project, the originating airfare expense must be removed.

REAL ID to be Required by Airport Security beginning May 3, 2023:

Current Kentucky licenses/permits/personal ID card versions may be used for domestic air travel until REAL ID enforcement begins on May 3, 2023. 

  • Per, a REAL ID is a federally-compliant card that serves as a license/permit/personal ID and can be used at airport security to board commercial flights within the U.S. when enforcement begins May 3, 2023. 
  • Besides the REAL ID, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will accept other documentation at airport security as well, such as a valid, unexpired passport and passport card. Visit for a complete list of acceptable air travel documentation. 

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