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***For UK updates about COVID-19, please click here.***

Location: 344 Peterson Service Building

Contact: Patty Brophy, Travel Services Director - (859) 257-1284

Travel Services is here to provide cost effective and efficient travel arrangements for official University business travel, to process travel reimbursement within a timely manner, and to deliver good customer service and support to all University employees.

Travel Arrangements:

AAA Corporate Travel Services

Avant Travel (859) 233-0000

     Concur Login - HelpDesk (877) 463-0543

Travel Reimbursement: (859) 257-4870

Fax: (859) 257-4805

COVID-19 Travel and Policy Exceptions:

Due to the uncertainty of the impact of COVID-19, international travel for official University travel is suspended until further notice, and domestic travel is strongly discouraged.  Exceptions to this can be requested if the need to travel is considered essential to the University’s mission:

  • Exceptions to international travel must be requested through the International Center’s Risk Analyst.
  • Exceptions to domestic travel must be approved by Deans and unit heads.

For those approved to travel, temporary exceptions to UK’s Travel Policy have been made due to COVID-19:

  • All airline tickets must be purchased through UK Travel Services (AAA Corporate Travel, Concur Travel, Avant Travel).
  • Refundable tickets and trip insurance (if it covers COVID-19) are permitted.
  • Under current policy, a cancelled UK business travel ticket is not reimbursed until the ticket credit is exchanged for future UK business travel and that trip is completed.  However due to COVID-19, early reimbursement through a PRD is permitted for canceled tickets that were purchased with a personal credit card and not refunded by the airline.  It will be the responsibility of the Business Officers to ensure the exchange ticket is used for UK business travel, and future reimbursement for the exchange ticket is limited to only additional personal credit card airfare/fee expenses related to the exchange. When processing the PRD, use the Registration Fees category from the PRD Product Catalog and change the GL to the appropriate travel reimbursement GL of either 530019 or 530039.  Be certain to include in the Notes that the reimbursement is related to a UK business trip cancelled due to COVID-19. Should reimbursement be for a cancelled ticket that combined business with personal travel, then (as with our current policy) a cost comparison for business-only travel must be attached to the PRD and reimbursement will be the lesser of the actual paid airfare or the cost comparison airfare.
  • It is recommended that employees consider purchasing airline tickets no sooner than three weeks before travel if it is uncertain whether their business meeting will take place or not.

REAL ID to be Required by Airport Security beginning October 1, 2021:

  • Per, a REAL ID is a federally-compliant card that serves as a license/permit/personal ID and can be used at airport security to board commercial flights within the U.S. when enforcement begins October 1, 2021. 
  • Besides the REAL ID, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will accept other documentation at airport security as well, such as a valid, unexpired passport and passport card. Visit for a complete list of acceptable air travel documentation. 

Current Kentucky licenses/permits/personal ID card versions may be used for domestic air travel until REAL ID enforcement begins on October 1, 2021.

Please note:  Following standard protocol for sponsored projects, refunds for airfare purchased on sponsored projects must be applied to the account where the expense originated.  If unused ticket credits for cancelled airfare purchased on a sponsored project will not be utilized for that sponsored project, the originating airfare expense must be removed.



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