Concur Quick Reference Guides

Getting Started

Concur Getting Started - Review and Complete User Profile Settings (PDF)

Concur - Which Policy Should be Used? (PDF)

Concur - Icons (PDF)

Concur - Setting Up/Updating/Deleting Delegates (PDF)

Concur - Personal Car Management and Claiming Mileage (PDF)

Concur - Update Default Cost Object (PDF)

Concur - Review Concur Expense Documents in SAP (PDF)

Concur - Tracking and Reporting on All Expenses Related to a Trip (PDF)

Concur - Travel Request Options (PDF)

Concur - Mobile App & Other Mobile Solutions (PDF)

Concur - Mobile App ExpenseIt Feature (PDF)


Expense Reports

Concur - Create a Travel Request (PDF)

Concur - Create and Submit a Travel Expense Report without a Request (PDF)

Concur - Create and Submit a Travel Expense Report with a Preapproved Request (PDF)

Concur - Create and Submit Procard Allocations on the General Expenditure Policy (PDF)

Concur - Printed Expense Reports (PDF)

Concur - Personal Non-cardholder Expense (PDF)

Concur - Personal Cardholder Expense (PDF)

Concur - Attachments and Receipts (PDF)

Concur - Expense Report Information Available in SAP (PDF)

Concur - Itemization and Allocation (PDF)

Concur - Payments on Behalf of Students (PDF)

Concur - Missing Receipt Declaration (PDF)

Concur - Travel Expenses Charged to the Procard (PDF)



Concur - Workflow and Report Tracking (PDF)

Concur - Approval  (PDF)

Concur - Adding an Additional Review Step (PDF)

Concur - Acting as a Delegate (PDF)


Procurement Card

Concur - Exceptions on Procurement Card (PDF)

Concur - Fraud and Dispute Procurement Card Transactions (PDF)


Tableau Reporting

Concur - Tableau Travel and Expense Management Report (PDF)