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General Questions

What is Concur Travel and Expense Management and why are we implementing this solution?

Concur's Travel and Expense Management solution is a robust solution supporting travel and procurement card activities at the University of Kentucky.  The solution is part of the Our Path Forward initiative, designed to help UK chart its own path to a brighter future for students and the Commonwealth.

Concur Expense will replace the current travel expense system (TRIP) and provide a better user-experience, flexible workflow solutions and mobile support.  The new system will also replace the current travel and procard reconciliation processes and provide an enhanced user experience, improved workflows, and standardized business procedures.

You can read more in the UKnow article announcing the launch of Concur Travel and Expense Management.

When should I start using the new Travel and Expense Management Solution?

You can begin using the new solution on September 8, 2020.  For any new travel requests/expense reports, or procard expense reports (for transactions posting September 8, 2020 or after), please use the new solution.  Procard transactions posting prior to September 8, 2020 should be completed through Enterprise Services (pre-launch) processes. 

Can I still use the Concur Travel Booking Tool?

Yes!  The implementation of Concur Travel and Expense Management adds on to our already implemented Concur Travel Booking Tool for a full-suite solution in travel and expense management.  You can access all Concur tools available at the University of Kentucky through Employee Self-Service of the myUK Portal

What if I am a current Concur user (i.e. have an existing Concur Travel booking profile prior to September 8, 2020)?

Welcome back!  As a current Concur Travel   booking tool user, you’ll still experience the same booking experience with Travel Request and Expense Management.  We encourage you to check your User Profile Settings to review any changes as your profile will now match your official UK Human Resources profile.  You’ll now have access to the full-suite solution including travel request and travel/non-travel expense management.  

How do I access the solution?

Users  must access Concur through Employee Self Service of the myUK Portal.  Users will see a new link to “Concur Travel and Expense Management” under Employee Self Service.  Access will no longer be available through starting September 8, 2020. 

Do I still use SAP TRIP?

Once you have access to the new implementation of Concur Travel and Expense Management, we strongly encourage you to complete all travel expense reports in Concur.  If you typically complete a single (or few) travel expense reports for day trips throughout the month, we encourage you to complete those in Concur.   

A decommission date for SAP TRIP travel expense reports is under discussion. 

Who should I contact with questions?

If questions arise while utilizing the Concur Travel and Expense Management application, contact with any procard or expense questions. Please continue to contact AAA’s help desk at 877-463-0543 for assistance with the Concur Travel booking tool. 

How is a new employee added to Concur?

Profiles for new employees are automatically added to Concur when the employee is added to HR and has an active work assignment. 

How do I denote a COVID-19 purchase?

Please mark COVID-19 purchases by using the “Additional Information” field located on the Details tab of the Expense Type form.  Do not add any additional text other than “COVID-19”.

Where do I access training?

There are three main training methods for Concur: On-Demand Training Videos and Quick Reference Guides are available for the Travel and Expense Management solution, while Virtual Training is available only for the Online Booking Tool. Each option is outlined below. 

On-Demand Videos related to Concur processes and procedures have been uploaded to myUK Learning and can be viewed at any time.  To access these videos, login to myUK and go to the Employee Self Service tab. Select myUK Learning and search for the “Concur” videos.  The On-Demand videos include demos such as creating a general travel request, travel expense report, procard expense report, and the approver process.  

Quick Reference Guides for various Concur processes can be found here

Virtual training is also available for the Concur Travel Online Booking Tool which can be found through the myUK Learning solution referenced above. 

How do I access analytics/reporting?

Reporting is provided, in partnership with Institutional Research, Analytics & Decision Support, through Tableau. Please visit here to access available analytics.  Tableau access is granted based on departmental approval.

Are transactions parked against a default cost object when first imported into Concur? 

Procard transactions are no longer parked against a default cost object when using Concur.  In the new solution, transactions are loaded to the card holder’s profile where they are allocated to the appropriate expense type and posted to the cost object when the Expense Report is submitted by the final approver.

I received an email notification from Concur with a link to Can I use this link or do I have to sign in to Concur through the myUK Portal (Employee Self Service tab)? 

Either sign-in method can be used. If using the link from the email, utilize your linkblue credentials ( to logon and the prompt to “Sign in with SSO”. You will be directed to the UK linkblue sign-in page. Once you sign in, your Concur homepage will appear.

What is the Company Code needed to set-up the Concur Mobile App?

The University of Kentucky Company Code for the Concur Mobile App is 7KCHJ.  Instructions for how to set-up the mobile app are available on the  Quick Reference Guides for Concur Travel and Expense Management site.  


Expense Reports

How often should I submit expense reports (travel or non-travel related)?

Procard Expense Reports should be submitted once per month unless your report will include a large volume of transactions.  Reports can be submitted with an unlimited amount of transactions.  A report with minimal transactions (under 50 expenses) may be sent back by your Business Office and/or Accounts Payable for further consideration of including additional available transactions to the report.  Alternatively, your Business Office and/or Accounts Payable may also return multiple reports (submitted by one user, each containing minimal transactions), to request that the multiple reports be combined into one. 

Travel expense reports must be submitted for each overnight trip. Day trips (mileage only) must be submitted monthly. All travel expense reports must be submitted by the traveler within 60 days from the last day of travel. 

Is a Travel Request required?

Please consult your supervisor/department on requirements for use of Travel Request.  Use of Travel Request is highly encouraged, but not required at this time. 

Is there a limit to the number of transactions within a single report?

There is not currently a limit on the number of transactions allowed on a single report. 

I submitted my report, what happens next?

The request or expense report will enter the workflow and be submitted to your supervisor for review. See the Quick Reference Guide for Concur Workflow and Report Tracking to learning more about the workflow and review of your report timeline.  

How do I know what General Ledger (G/L) has been assigned to each expense?

While in the expense report in Concur, the user or approver can review the G/Ls assigned for the expense type in the UK-Detailed Report or Report-Detailed with Summary Data. See the Quick Reference Guide - Concur Printed Expense Reports for more information. 

I am an approver (supervisor or cost object/business officer), can I change expense types on a user's submitted report?

No. Only the report creator can modify the expense type. If an expense type needs to be changed, the report will need to be returned.  

How do I know which "Policy" to use when creating a report?

Please review the Quick Reference Gide – Which Policy Should Be Used to learn more about Concur Policies for creating expense reports. 

Can a person change their default cost object?

Yes, the default cost object can be changed by the user or their delegate under profile settings, Expense Settings, Expense Information. Note that if the employee’s default cost object tied to their employee ID in Human Resources changes, the default cost object in Concur will also be updated. 

What file formats are acceptable for attachments in Concur? Can a Word or Excel file be attached?

The only acceptable file formats for attachments in Concur are .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .pdf, .tif, or .tiff. Word or Excel documents will now need to be converted to a .pdf format before attaching to an expense or report in Concur. 

Is there a limit to the file size of my attachment?

Concur has a limit of 5MB per file.



What are Delegates and how do I set them up?

Delegates can be assigned at any stage of the workflow process in Concur.  Delegates act in the capacity of the individual for whom they have been named as a delegate.  

  • For cardholders:  Delegates can  create expense reports, upload receipts, and update profile settings. Note:  The cardholder will need to review and submit their own expense reports to begin the workflow process. 

  • For approvers:  Delegates can review, approve, reject, or forward expense reports. 

See the Quick Reference Guide for more information. 

I am a delegate who acts on behalf of someone else, can I submit their expense reports?

No, only the report owner can submit the report, however delegates can prepare the report  up to the point of pre-submission. 

How do I use the system if I manage multiple procurement cards (Procard)?

In this new implementation, procurement cards will  roll up or connect to the profile of the procard holder. The cardholders will need to add you as a delegate so you can add card transactions to expense reports for allocation (editing).