Previous Employee of the Quarter Winners

Name Department Year
Missy Wilson Payroll Services 2022
Hallie Davis Student Account Services 2022
Wendy Christian* Student Account Services 2022
Gina Short Payroll Services 2022
Michele Hall Student Account Services 2021
Laura Lenviel Accounting and Financial Reporting Services 2021
LaTanya Walker* Student Account Services 2021
HaoXin Zhang Accounting and Financial Reporting Services 2021
Renee Dyer* Payroll Services 2020
Carole Ballard Accounts Payable Services 2020
Kim King Payroll Services 2020
Anne Marsee Student Account Services 2020
Rachel Conner Accounts Payable Services 2019
Loretta DeToma* Enterprise Applications Group 2019
Lorrie Caird Accounts Payable Services 2019
Shelly Jacobs Research Financial Services 2019
Wendy Christian Student Account Services 2018
Annetta Carter Accounting and Financial Reporting Services 2018
Tina Shanks Student Account Services 2018
Kimberly Maggard* Accounts Payable Services 2018
Christy Goodley Accounting & Financial Reporting Services 2017
Renee Dyer Payroll Services 2017
Cara Nelson EAG 2017
Crista Fornash* Student Account Services 2017
Scott Dills Payroll Services 2016
Jessica Milner* Accounting & Financial Reporting Services 2016
Reuben Harness Student Account Services 2016
Missy Wilson Payroll 2016
Lexi Bugay* General Accounting 2015
Leslie Duty Accounts Payable 2015
Rebecca Banta General Accounting 2015
Derek Hitt General Accounting 2015
Sharon Cruse Benefits Financial Accounting 2015
Lois Thomas* Sponsored Projects Accounting 2014
Scott Lutin Sponsored Projects Accounting 2014
Sandy Shearer General Accounting 2014
Kristina Dills Office of the Treasurer 2014
Amanda Henderson* General Accounting 2013
Renee Dyer Payroll 2013
Karen Lawson Merchant Card Services 2013
Derek Hitt General Accounting 2013
Lorrie Caird Accounts Payable 2012
Melanie Rizk EAG 2012
Charlene Childers* Payroll 2012
Scott Lutin Sponsored Projects Accounting 2012
Denny Haynes* Payroll 2011
Robbie Dials General Accounting 2011
Joe Faulkner Treasury Services 2011
Cherri Wallace Sponsored Projects Accounting 2011
Judith Carpenter Payroll 2010
Karen Couch* Accounts Payable 2010
Carole Ballard Accounts Payable 2010
Steve Strunk General Accounting 2010
Cara Nelson* Accounts Payable 2009
Mary Duncan Purchasing 2009
Shelly Jacobs Sponsored Projects Accounting 2009
Jeff Lyons Sponsored Projects Accounting 2009

*Employee of the Year Recipients