The CHS Era ... Revisiting our Top 10 Stories of 2023

Here at the CHS News Desk, we love a good list. And we also love a good ranking. 

So what better time to revisit some of our biggest stories than now? We've put together a list of the 10 stories that have been most read (and most viewed, and most clicked on) by you, our faithful audience, in 2023. 

And my, what a group of stories it is. We have athletes and overachieving students. We have inspirational tales and we have one story that just might feature the most famous person in the world (right now, at least). That story led them all, by far.

Come along, check out our coverage, and enjoy — because it's been one heck of a year in the College of Health Sciences

Here are the Top 10 CHS Stories of 2023: 

No. 10: CHS Celebrates Student Awards 2023

No. 9: Successful Summer Bridge 2022

No. 8: UK’s Physician Assistant Studies ranked among US News’ Top 20 programs

No. 7: AT Alum Part of Bills Staff that Saved Football Player’s Life

No. 6: Physician Assistant, Physical Therapy again near top of U.S. News’ best jobs list

No. 5: Woods Never Knew She'd Become a Division I Athlete at UK

No. 4: Pride Month 2023: PA Student's Goal? ‘Make bridges’

No. 3: Congratulations to Our PA Scholarship Recipients

No. 2: CLM Senior Already Running Her Own Beauty Business

No. 1: CHS Prepares Alumna for Viral Taylor Swift Moment