From Bench To Mountainside

Research Mission Statement

To perform impactful research that will improve the health of society. We provide training and experiences to develop clinical and translational scientists whose work transforms physical therapy practice. 


  • Create research that directly impacts evidence informed practice
  • Strong commitment to define the mechanisms of movement dysfunction from the molecular to societal level
  • Contributions of people from a broad background and experiences are celebrated
  • Preparing students of all levels for the complex and evolving world of physical therapy research
  • Original thought and bold ideas to challenge dogma and improve health must be brought forward


  • We will produce research that will advance evidence informed practice
  • We will hire and retain both promising junior faculty and experienced faculty to bolster the research efforts of the department
  • We will build a research program that is in the top 10 for funding
  • Our DPT students will conduct and complete research that enriches both the profession and the faculty members research program
  • We will assist unfunded faculty to develop their projects and become involved in ongoing teams

Our Research Areas