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Faculty and Staff

Physical Therapy

Ramona Carper, PT, DPT's picture
Ramona Carper, PT, DPT Assistant Professor
Joan Darbee, PT, PhD's picture
Joan Darbee, PT, PhD Senior Lecturer
Esther Dupont-Versteegden, PhD's picture
Esther Dupont-Versteegden, PhD Professor, RHB Director, CMB Associate Director
Tony English, PT, PhD's picture
Tony English, PT, PhD Department Chair, Professor
Lynn English, PT, MSEd, DPT's picture
Lynn English, PT, MSEd, DPT Associate Professor, Director of Clinical Education
Nathan F. Johnson, PT, PhD, DPT's picture
Nathan F. Johnson, PT, PhD, DPT Associate Professor
Geetanjali Gera, PhD, PT's picture
Geetanjali Gera, PhD, PT Assistant Professor
Dominick Gherardini's picture
Dominick Gherardini Laboratory Technician
Charles Hazle Jr., PT, PhD's picture
Charles Hazle Jr., PT, PhD Associate Professor
Erin Jensen's picture
Erin Jensen Staff Support Associate II
Deborah Kelly, PT, MSEd, DPT's picture
Deborah Kelly, PT, MSEd, DPT Associate Professor
Kate Kosmac, PhD's picture
Kate Kosmac, PhD Assistant Professor
Kara Lee, PT, DPT, NCS's picture
Kara Lee, PT, DPT, NCS Associate Director of Clinical Education