Physical Therapy Research Opportunities for DPT Students





Title: Assessing amputation-related knowledge of primary care practitioners in Kentucky: a survey-based descriptive study

Type of study: Chart Review, Case Report (Retrospective)

Numbers of Students needed: 2 students for approximately 2 years

Contact Information for more details: Shelia Clemens / / 859-323-8245

Student Responsibility: survey development, survey administration, data collection, data interpretation, abstract preparation


Title: Determining differences in basic prosthetic mobility tasks based on sociodemographic variables

Type of study: Write up of existing data

Numbers of Students needed: 2 students for approximately 1 year

Contact Information for more details: Shelia Clemens / / 859-323-8245

Student Responsibility: Data entry, data interpretation, literature reviews, abstract/manuscript preparation





Title: What is the best evidence related to shunt placement for a person with manifestation of both Parkinson's Disease and Normal Pressure Hydrocephaly?

Type of study: Critical Appraisal Topic

Numbers of Students Needed: 2

Contact Information for more details: Kara Lee   / / Phone: 859-218-0591

Student Responsibility: lit search, write up, developing a timeline with research advisor


Title: What is the best evidence for interventions for persons with POTS (Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome) and long COVID.

Type of study: Critical Appraisal Topic

Numbers of Students Needed: 2

Contact Information for more details: Kara Lee   / / Phone: 859-218-0591

Student Responsibility: question honing, lit search, communication and creation of timelines in concert with research advisor


Title: Critical Appraisal Topics to clinical diagnose the following topics: Dermatome assessment for UE / Dermatome assessment for LE /  Piriformis syndrome /  Tests Gluteal Tendinopathy / Hip Instability / Syndesmotic Ankle Sprain  /Deltoid ligament sprain of the Ankle / LCL and MCL sprain of the knee 

Numbers of Students needed: 2 students for approximately 18 months per topic

Contact Information for more details: Tim Uhl / / Phone: 859-218-0858

Student Responsibility: DPT students will review literature to identify the best evidence to clinically diagnoses the above problems as limited evidence is currently available

Title: Functional testing does equate to adequate strength symmetry following ACL-R

Numbers of Students needed: 2 students for approximately 24 months

Contact Information for more details: Ryan McGuire and Tim Uhl / / Phone: 859-218-0834

Type of study: Write up of existing data for publication

Student Responsibility: DPT students will help perform literature review, abstract/manuscript preparation


Title: Case study on post-surgical knee and shoulder outcome

Numbers of Students needed:4 students for approximately 2 years 

Contact Information for more details:  Patrick Pabian / / Phone: 8859-562-0787

Type of study: Retrospective chart review and case series 

Student Responsibility: DPT students will help assist some retrospective case studies to write up - knee & shoulder ones


Title: Survey Study of Adaptive Equipment used by Kentucky Clinicians in Gait Training and Transfers

Type of Study: Cross-sectional study

Numbers of Students needed: 3 students for approximately 2 years 

Contact Information for more details:  Catherine Gohrband / / 859-218-0478

Student Responsibility: DPT students will review of literature, formulate a survey, IRB approval, disseminate survey, analyze data.


Title: Retrospective chart review of patient outcomes

Type of Study: Retrospective Cohort

Numbers of Students needed: 2 students for approximately 2 years 

Contact Information for more details: Ramona Carper / / 606-439-3557 x 83658  

Student Responsibility: DPT students will be helping the advisor develop the study and carrying it out



Ongoing Student DPT Research

Title: Survey on PT Educational Curricula (Accepted for Oral Presentation at APTA-KY)

Advisor: Charles Hazle PT, DPT

Students: Bryson McKee, Trent Letcher, Rebecca Watts


Title: Identification of Scaphoid AVN

Advisor: Charles Hazle PT, DPT,  Denise O'Dell PT, DSCPT

Students: Jared Golden, Matthew Crawford


Title:Effects of nutritional supplement for pain management (Delta-8))

Advisor: Charles Hazle 

Students:  Bradley Dalton, Michael Flora


Title: Effectiveness of Pain Neuroscience Education on Knee Pain

Advisor: Charles Hazle 

Students:  Patrick Veitch, Yehor, Vitel


Title: Virtual Reality Hand Therapy & Implementation (Accepted to present at APTA-KY)

Advisor: Denise O'Dell 

Students: Cameron Elder, Eillie Jury

Title: Samaritan's Touch Pro Bono Clinic: Quality Improvement Project for Intake form and Follow-up (Accepted to present at APTA-KY)

Advisor: Denise O'Dell

Students: Hannah Young, Ally Priebe, Emily Bennett

Title: Advocacy with SCI / disability / or virtual reality

Advisor: Denise O'Dell

Students: Micah Moyes, Hannah Parker, Sarrah Farrell, Erika Kupper

Title: Critical appraisal topic or systematic review for potential review of exercise and physical therapy or nutrition impact on patients with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).

Advisor: Denise O'Dell

Students: Kaitlyn Wycoff, Allie Howard



Title: Vestibular Dysfunction following Moderate to Severe TBI

Advisor: Heather Witt 

Students: Maddie Hancock, Jenifer Brockman, Lauren Noe, Kaitlyn Mullaney

Title: TBI/Vestibular Focus

Advisor: Heather Witt 

Students: Emily Tweel, Karsen Hunter

Title: Vestibular Survey Investigating Student Clinical Education Experiences.

Advisor: Heather Witt

Students: Paiten Bush, Madison Bennett, Evonie Daughtery, Viviana Ortiz Guerrero


Title: Qualitative study of family responses and expectations to the NEMO clinic

Advisor: Catherine Gohrband PT, DPT, PCS

Students: Marian Haydon-Dones, Bailey Miller


Title: Reporting pain management in adults with CP

Advisor: Catherine Gohrband PT, DPT, PCS

Students: Lauren Harshbarger, Sidney Rudd, Morgan Chapuran


Title: Let's Play

Advisor: Catherine Gohrband  and Patrick Kitzman PT, PhD

Students: Maddie Meredith, Kaleigh Clark, Katie Wesley


Title: The Benefits of Ambyke use for Reciepents of Amtryke from the Bluegrass Chapter or Ambucs

Advisor: Catherine Gohrband 

Students: Hallie Turner, Shaylea Turner, Levi Wiggins

Title:  Construct Validity of Muscle Power Assessments in Healthy Adults

Advisor: Kirby Mayer DPT PhD

Students: Kristin Meece, Dalten McCoy, Michael Bowdy, Drew Carter  

Title:  Construct Validity of Muscle Power Assessments in Individuals with Chronic Lung Diseases

Advisor: Kirby Mayer DPT PhD

Students: Tyler Sutton, Elise Katz, Cole Stump, Emily Guilford, Alexis Stewart, Matt Hyatt

Title: Physical and Cognitive Outcomes for Patients with Critical Illness (Presented Abstract at CSM 2023)

Advisor: Kirby Mayer DPT PhD

Students: Julia Sager, Casey Skeens, Katie Crabtree, Sierra Catiller

Title: Long-Term Outcomes after ACL Reconstruction 

Advisor: Lauren Erickson DPT PhD

Students: Olivia Schalk

Title: Effect of Physical Therapy on Non-Structural Medial Elbow Pain (Accepted to present at APTA-KY)

Advisor: Tim L. Uhl 

Students: Griffin Snyder, Andy Hickey

Title: Inter-rater reliability of 3- dimensional scapular kinematic motion device (Accepted to present at APTA-KY)

Advisor: Tim Uhl 

Students: Jackson Boggs, Nathan Tuft, Colin Smith

Title: “Rehab Buddy” an IMU Feedback System Provides Similar Exercise Supervision to A Physical Therapist

Advisors: Tim Uhl

Student: Rusi Dzhorgov, Kelsey Castle  

Title: Diagnostic Accuracy of the FADDIR for Acetabular Labral Tears

Advisor: Tim Uhl

Students: Garret Collins

Title: SCALPEL: Surgeons can avoid lasting pain through exercise literacy

Advisor: Tim Uhl

Students: John Meador

Title: Critical Appraisal of Literature on Diagnostic Accuracy for Medial and High Ankle Sprains

Advisor: Tim Uhl

Students: Tyler Beck


Title: Pelvic Health

Advisor: Deberoah Kelly PT, MSED, DPT

Students: Leah Wright, Catherine Raleigh 

Title: Is there Evidence for Combining Pelvic Floor Exercises with Core Exercises to Decrease Pain and Disability in Patients with non-specific Low Back Pain over Core Exercises alone?

Advisor: Deberoah Kelly PT, MSED, DPT

Students: Abbie Whitman, Elizabeth Powell

Title: Is the Addition of Dry Needling to Exercise Effective in the Management of Knee Osteoarthritis for Older Adults; A Critical Appraisal Topic

Advisor: Deberoah Kelly PT, MSED, DPT

Students: Elizabeth Gilbert, Jordan Frodge


Title: What is the best evidence related to a week long PT intensive interventions for Freezing of Gait (FOG)?

Advisor: Kara Lee 

 Students: Aubrey Graves, Kindall Talley

Title: Pelvic Health Summit- Networking Impact

Advisor: Kara Lee 

Students: Sarah Barker, Taegan Strain, Kaitlyn Rose

Title: Impact of a Mentoring Network on a Diverse Group of DPT students

Advisor: Kara Lee 

Students: Jessie Li

Title: Stronger Life - longitudinal study of wellness measures in an older adult population:

Advisor: Kara Lee 

Students: Kesley Castle, Natalier Kleier, Amy Thomason


Title: Development of a Reference Standard for Knee ROM Recovery Following ACL-R: A Clinical Decision Making Tool

Advisor: Ryan McGuire and Tim Uhl

Students: Parker Bisek, Isabel Fairbanks, Aly Peacock, Grace Martin

Title: Early measures of torque development are related to peak torque at 6 months following ACL-R

Advisor: Ryan McGuire and Tim Uhl

Students: Madison Pawley, Clare Parker


Title: Determining the Impact of Access on Refurbished Medical Equipment on Quality of Life and Community Participation

Advisor: Patrick Kitzman 

Students: Lauren Briggs, Bella Estes

Title: Determining the Impact of a Service-Learning Program on Biases and Perceptions of Disability in a Rural Community (Accepted to present at APTA-KY)

Advisor: Patrick Kitzman 

Students: Lauren Spencer, Sydney Dehart


Title: Determining the Barriers to use of  Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in Physical Therapy, A Critical Appraisal Topic

Advisor:  Patrick Kitzman

Students: Callie Pearl, Steven Tang 

Title: Determining the Barriers to use of  Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in Rehabilitation; Differences between rural and urban settings.

Advisor: Patrick Kitzman

Students: Chris Burpo, Becca Risner

Title: Examining socioeconomic disparities in functional outcomes of people with lower limb amputation- a multi-site collaborative study

Advisor: Shelia Clemens

Students: Paige Freeman, James Suhr, Dewayne Connor

Title: Exploring functional recovery and the experiences of underrepresented populations with dysvascular lower limb amputation: a mixed-methods pilot study

Advisor: Shelia Clemens

Students: Stefany Reyes, Amanda Slater. Anna Fortier

Title: Identifying the Magnitude and Impact of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction in Veterans with Lower Limb Amputation

Advisor: Shelia Clemens

Students: Anna Urbanowicz

Title: Examining effect of a Prosthetic Training Program on Basic Prosthetic Mobility using the Component Time Up and Go Test: A Longitudinal Analysis of Adults with Lower Limb Amputation

Adivsor: Shelia Clemens

Students: Marian Boyko, Emanuel Mora, 


Title: Exploring relationships between body composition, postural sway, upper and lower extremity reaction time in older adults.

Advisor: Nathan Johnson

Students: Becca Eltzroth, Lauren Roby

Title: Dermining the spatial relationship between thoracic spine spinous and transverse processes.  

Advisor: Nathan Johnson

Students: Lily Paganetto, Hannah O'brien


Title: Determining the relationship between an assessment of critical thinking and performance in a PT program. 

Advisor: Nathan Johnson

Students: Sam Walters, Kegan Settle, Cody Scales,Kennedy Howard 

Title: Determining the relationship between PTCAS applications and DPT program performance

Advisor: Nathan Johnson

Students: Josh Crank, Megan Claypoole, Elizabeth Hollon