Booking Travel through Concur

Concur Travel is UK's online self-booking tool for air, hotel (other than conference hotel rates), and rental cars.  The system displays all published and internet airfares as well as UK's discounts with Delta Air Lines and United Airlines, Enterprise Rent-A-Car and National Car Rental, and local hotels.  Contact AAA’s Online Help Desk 24/7 for Concur Travel assistance at (877) 463-0543.  Service fees:  domestic or international airline ticket - $6.00, no fee for hotel or rental car reservations.  

To get started on Concur Travel:

  • Access Concur Travel through myUK, Employee Self Service. 
  • Complete your Concur profile by clicking on the Profile tab at the top right of the screen.  You must fill in all required fields (in red) to begin using the system. Your profile stores all pertinent travel information about you (name, address, department number, credit cards, frequent traveler numbers, etc.), and can be accessed by AAA full-service agents when needed.  It is extremely important to keep your profile information current, especially your credit card and cell phone information.

  • Your profile name (airline ticket name) must match the name in your UK Human Resources record and the name on your picture ID that you will submit at airport security.  

  • Click the Travel tab at the top of the screen to begin researching and making travel arrangements. 

  • Concur Travel works like most online booking tools.  Spend a little time getting familiar with the different tabs and links available to you for managing your travel and answering questions. 

  • As you proceed through the travel arranging process, please pay special attention to the important notes at the top of each section. 

  • Concur Travel training is offered (but not required) through myUK, Employee Self Service, myUK Learning. 

  • Contact the Concur Help Desk at 877-463-0543 with questions. 

  • Special Note - For complex international itineraries, Concur may not be the best option.  For these we advise you call AAA directly at 859-323-5354 and let an experienced international agent assist you. 

Please see the Travel Services website for additional information.