UFS Employee of the Quarter

Each quarter University Financial Services selects an employee of the quarter from nominations received within the department and from campus.  UFS EOQ honors a staff member that demonstrated outstanding performance related to UFS values and CARE customer service. Guiding principles include accountability, customer service, innovation, diversity and inclusion.  If you would like to nominate a University Financial Services employee please fill out this form and e-mail to UFS@uky.edu.


Employee of the Quarter (January to March 2018) - Wendy Christian, Student Account Services

Wendy was nominated by her manager.  Read below to see what they had to say about Wendy!

Wendy has an exceptional work ethic. She is extremely organized and has great attention to detail. During this quarter, she has invoiced over $ 6.8 million for more than 150 sponsors. She works diligently each day assisting students, parents and sponsors with financial questions. Wendy takes great pride in her work and is the ideal employee. For example, she often contacts students and/or parents regarding a completed authorization form that needs further explanation. The student/parent is appreciative of the time taken to make sure that their account is processed accurately and timely. During the last year, Wendy worked with the internal audit department to describe the entire third-party billing process from the point of authorization to the receipt of payment. This included explaining her responsibilities, providing documentation for selected fiscal years and written procedures. 

Wendy is held accountable for all third-party billing and authorization processes. She meets monthly with her immediate supervisor and the director of Student Account Services to review all unpaid past due sponsor balances. Over the last two years, the past due percentage has continued to decrease due largely to Wendy's efforts working with each sponsor to pay invoices in a timely manner. She will not hesitate to contact the sponsor regarding an unpaid invoice. Most recently she took the initiate to reach out to a sponsor to require payment before any future authorizations would be accepted. Individual sponsors can support a single student to over 100. Wendy takes the initiative to reach out to each student or sponsor if there are questions regarding the authorization form. This is essential to making the process seamless. The student avoids late fees, registration issues and has peace of mind while the collection efforts are maintained by Wendy to invoice the student's sponsor. 

Wendy corresponds with students, sponsors, parents and staff on a daily basis either by email, phone or in-person. She often is the first point of contact for many incoming students. She is able to provide guidance for these new students and/or parents to help overcome the anxieties that many face coming to the University of Kentucky. Words that I would use to define Wendy would be organized, polite, assertive, and approachable. She is always willing to help others including co-workers with immediate tasks while remaining positive and professional. Students are very appreciative of Wendy's service to them and show their support in many different ways. Most recently, she received a box of chocolates!

At the beginning of each fiscal year, Wendy is actively making changes to her billing process. These changes entail working with other departments and Wendy meets these challenges head on. For example, each year she is required by one of the armed forces sponsors to explain all tuition and mandatory fees including the cost and an explanation of the fee. Wendy does not procrastinate, she understands the importance of entering this data and invoicing prior to the sponsor's fiscal year-end deadline. 

The International Center offers a session in the Fall for all incoming international students that includes registration, financial services and other student service related areas. Wendy has represented the Student Account Services area the last three years. She serves as an immediate contact regarding their student account and the financial aspects. She is honest and fair when communicating with staff, students and parents at all times. 

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