UFS Employee of the Quarter

Each quarter University Financial Services selects an employee of the quarter from nominations received within the department and from campus.  UFS EOQ honors a staff member that demonstrated outstanding performance related to UFS values and CARE customer service. Guiding principles include accountability, customer service, innovation, diversity and inclusion.  If you would like to nominate a University Financial Services employee please fill out and submit this form.


Employee of the Quarter (April to June 2021) - Tanya Walker, Student Account Services

Tanya was nominated by an employee in Enrollment Management.

In their nominination they explained how Tanya went above and beyond to help:

I wanted to pass a long a bit of recognition and thank you to LaTanya. Earlier this week we had an adult learner visit our Financial Aid office regarding his student account, academic withdraw process and other concerns. He was somewhat distraught and upset and was not pleased with his UK experience. We did our very best in EM to answer his questions and concerns, however there were some areas that required SAS input. I walked the student to your location where LaTanya met us in your office area. She was very professional with the student, researched his questions/concerns and provided him very valuable resources as assistance. It was very rewarding to observe her subject matter expertise and she did her very best to help the student seek resolution. She was fantastic.

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