Recommended Experience


The UKPA program no longer requires shadowing as an admissions requirement, however, it is strongly recommended in order to be competitive.  Applicants are expected to have a clear understanding of the profession in order to articulate their understanding in the application as well as the interview process.  While shadowing is an excellent means to immerse oneself in the profession other ways of exposure such as working clinically with PAs, having a close friend/relative who is a PA, taking the UK PAS 120 undergraduate course, etc. are considered valued experiences in learning more about the profession.

Shadowing at UK HealthCare

UK HealthCare has updated its policy for shadowing students who are not enrolled in UK College of Nursing or College of Health Sciences. Please contact UK's OLE Office for information on setting up observations at UK HealthCare.

Shadowing hours are also documented in the CASPA application only. The UKPA program does not require any other documentation i.e. pay stubs, signed forms from preceptors, etc.

Non-Academic Attributes Considered

The UKPA program employs a holistic admissions process in which personal or non-academic attributes are considered in addition to academic attributes.  Examples include, however, are not limited to, volunteer work, leadership, research, teaching, and diverse experiences.