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Admissions Criteria

Completion of a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university is required. The UKPAS program does not require a specific degree and the program does not favor one degree over another. All applicants must meet the minimum academic standards for the Graduate School which is at least a 2.75 institutional undergraduate GPA and a 3.0 Graduate GPA (if applicable). The program may allow a higher Graduate GPA to trump a low Undergraduate GPA if at least 20 credit hours are acquired from a Graduate degree program.  (This is a case-by-case basis reviewed by the Admissions Committee and does not guarantee the Graduate GPA will be accepted.) Your degree must be completed by December 2021 if applying in the 2021-2022 Admissions cycle that opens mid/late April 2021.

The prerequisites are as stated in the Graduate School Bulletin and below.  Pass/Fail grades are not accepted with the exception of Spring 2020 due to COVID (see link below).   However, the UKPA program will also accept AP credit if the AP score is equivalent to the UK course requirement for the program as well as CLEP credit.  You may check the UK AP credit chart for equivalency here and CLEP chart here. Only 1 retake per prerequisite course is allowed and a "C" grade or higher must be received to meet the minimum grade requirement.  We will take the highest grade between the two attempts.  Lastly, exceptions, substitutions, and waivers are not allowed for ANY prerequisite course requirements due to fair admissions policies and accreditation requirements. 

For the 2021-2022 Admissions Cycle, applicants may apply with two outstanding pre-requisite courses, as long as they are completed by August 2021.

COVID Response pertaining to P/F grading given in the Spring 2020 semester.

Checking Course Equivalency

To determine equivalency with the UK courses listed below, consult the Transfer Equivalency Database. If your course is not listed in the equivalency database, a copy of the course syllabus must be sent to Julia Berry for review of equivalency.

Pre-Requisite Courses**

Course Requirement UK Equivalency
General Chemistry I w/Lab 1 Semester + Lab CHE 109 & 110 w/CHE 111 or CHE 105/111
General Chemistry II w/Lab 1 Semester + Lab CHE 107/113
Organic Chemistry w/Lab 1 Semester + Lab CHE 230/231 or CHE 232/232

Human Anatomy* or
Anatomy & Physiology I*

1 Semester (3 hours) or
1 Semester (4 hours)

ANA 209 or ANA 109 (must be paired with ANA 110 only)

Human Physiology* or 
Anatomy & Physiology II*

1 Semester (3 hours) 
or 1 Semester (4 hours)

PGY 206 or ANA 110 (must be paired with ANA 109 only)
General Biology w/Lab 1 Semester + Lab BIO 148, 150 or 152 w/ 151 or 155 lab
Microbiology w/Lab 1  Semester + Lab BIO 208 or 308 with 209 or 309 lab or 380 lab
Statistics 1 Semester STA 291, 296, BST 230 or 330, or PSY 216
Psychology 1 Semester PSY 100
Developmental Psychology 1 Semester PSY 223 (we WILL NOT accept abnormal or any other psych. course) Must be a full child thru adult lifespan.

Anthropology or

1 Semester ANT 160, SOC 101, SOC 255 or HHS 453
Medical Terminology 1 Semester CLA 131

*A standalone Anatomy cannot be paired with an A & P II course and vice versa. The prerequisite must be taken with their corresponding course (i.e. Anatomy is paired with Physiology or A & P I is paired with A & P II).
**Science prerequisite courses that are equivalent to the UK courses are generally those taken from a biology/chemistry pre-med curriculum.  Please make sure to check our transfer equivalency database to see if your school's courses are equivalent to the UK course requirement. See link for database above.

***Prereqs do not have an expiration.  I.E. We will accept courses that were completed over 5 years ago.

The UKPA Program reviews the institutional undergraduate GPA as well as the prerequisite GPA during admissions. A minimum 2.75 institutional undergraduate GPA is required per the UK Graduate School requirement.  The program will allow a graduate GPA to trump the undergraduate if it is at least 20 credit hours from an enrolled graduate program.  This does not include post-bach graduate classes which are not associated with program completion.

Currently, ETS has allowed at-home testing using ProctorU for both GRE and TOEFL. Please review the ETS website for more information about the exams.

All applicants are required to take the GRE which must have been taken within the last 5 years. Official scores must be received by UK's Graduate School Office by our July 15th deadline. A minimum score is not set by the program or UK's Graduate School. Note the recent accepted class (2019-2020 cycle) average is: Verbal 56%, Quantitative 42%, and Analytical 60%.

The UKPA Program accepts ONLY the GRE for our program. We do not accept any substitutes (e.g. the MCAT). For more details about the GRE exam please refer to our Admissions FAQ's or the GRE website.

The UK GRE code is 1837 and all official scores must be sent to the University of Kentucky Graduate School Office. Office scores are not sent to CASPA. DO NOT CHOOSE A DEPARTMENT NUMBER. ONLY SEND TO THE 1837 CODE.

Additional, GRE resources:

UK Students GRE Prep Seminar

UK's Transformative Learning offers GRE Prep courses. Please refer to this link for more information.

The UKPA Program requires patient contact, however, a minimum amount of hours is not set. Contact hours may be completed utilizing the following (but not limited to) medical disciplines: CNA, EMT, CMA, Medical Tech., Professional Hospice Volunteer, Physical Therapy Assistant, Athletic Training, Scribe, etc. Applicants must demonstrate hands-on clinical skills such as, but not limited to, taking patient vitals, blood pressures, glucose, administering immunizations, etc. Also, you may go to our FAQ's link here for more detailed information about acquiring patient contact experience.  Applicant's patient care experience is recorded in the CASPA application when they apply.

Patient contact hours are documented in the CASPA application only. The UKPA program does not require any other documentation i.e. pay stubs, signed forms from preceptors etc.

Applicants must be certified in Basic Life Support for Health Providers through the American Heart Association. Red Cross certifications will not be accepted. All students must have completed a BLS course by the time of matriculation in January. Click Here for a BLS provider course offered online or to locate a training center near you.