The UKPA Program is a Spring Semester start and a lock-step 29-month long program that is conducted in person with an ITV connection between the two campuses (Morehead & Lexington).  The course director may lecture from either the Lexington campus or the Morehead Campus.  All hands-on labs are conducted with a faculty member in person at the campus location.  The first year and a half of the program is the didactic portion and the final year is the clinical rotations.  Clinical rotations are completed every 4 weeks and all students will return to the Lexington campus to take their End of Clerkship (EOC) exam and prep for the next rotation.  Clinical rotations are not in any particular order and are completed throughout the state of Kentucky.  All students must complete one rural clinical rotation and only three out-of-state rotations are allowed.  However, border cities such as Cincinnati are not considered out-of-state rotations.  The program also offers international clerkship opportunities to interested students.

Didactic Courses

Spring Semester I Course Name Course # Credit Hours
Spring I Health Care Delivery in the 21st Century PAS 620 3.0
Spring  Principles of Human Physiology PGY 412G 4.0
Spring I Regional Human Anatomy ANA 611 5.0
Spring I Intro. to the PA Profession PAS 651 2.0


Summer Semester I Course Name Course # Credit Hours
Summer I (4-week) Research Methods & Epidemiology in PA Studies PAS 610 3.0
Summer I (8-week) Health Promotion and Disease Prevention PAS 678 2.0
Summer I (8-week) Intro to Health and Disease PAS 653 3.0


Fall Semester I Course Name Course # Credit Hours
Fall I Clinical Lecture Series I PAS 654 4.0
Fall I Pharmacology PAS 672 3.0
Fall I Clinical Methods PAS 650 4.0
Fall I Psychosocial Factors in Primary Care PAS 655 3.0
Fall I Masters Project I PAS 645 1.0


Spring Semester II Course Name Course # Credit Hours
Spring II Clinical Lecture Series II PAS 658 4.0
Spring II Patient Evaluation and Management PAS 656 4.0
Spring II Pharmacology II PAS 673 3.0
Spring II Clinical Lab Procedures PAS 657 3.0
Spring II Masters Project II PAS 646 2.0


Summer Semester II Course Name Course # Credit Hours
Summer II (4-week) Survey of Geriatric Medicine PAS 640 3.0
Summer II (4-week) Nutrition for Health Professions CNU 503 1.0


Didactic total 57.0 credit hours
Spring I 14.0 hours
Summer I 8.0 hours
Fall I 15.0 hours
Spring II 16.0 hours
Summer II 4.0 hours


Clinical Rotation Year* Course Name Course # Credit Hours
  Family Medicine (8 week) PAS 660 6.0
  Internal Medicine (8 week) PAS 669 6.0
  Pediatrics (4 week) PAS 661 3.0
  Psychiatry (4 week) PAS 671 3.0
  Woman's Health (4 week) PAS 662 3.0
  Emergency Medicine (4 week) PAS 670 3.0
  Surgery (4 week) PAS 663 3.0
  Elective (12 week) PAS 665 9.0
  Seminar in PA Studies (4 week) PAS 680 2.0

These courses and the Semester in which they occur are subject to change.
Clinical total: 38.0 credit hours
Curriculum Total: 95.0 credit hours

Courses are graded on a 4.0 letter grade scale.

Course Descriptions


Covid-19 Vaccine Protocol

COVID-19 vaccines are strongly encouraged but not currently mandated at the University of Kentucky. However, many of our clinical partners and off-campus course activities are in facilities that require healthcare providers, including PAS students, to be vaccinated. At present, some clinical sites, including UK Healthcare accept vaccination exceptions for university-approved medical or religious reasons, but some do not. Thus, without being vaccinated, we cannot assure you will be able to fulfill the clinical requirements for graduation. Although we strive to work with our clinical partners to accommodate every student, this is challenging as guidelines change. If you do not meet a clinical site's vaccine requirements this may impact progression to timely graduation and the department cannot guarantee clinical placement.  As an accepted student, if you choose to not be vaccinated, you will be subject to weekly COVID-19 testing, as currently mandated by the University. Further, by accepting admission into our program, you are agreeing to comply with any future mandates set forth by the University of Kentucky.

*Students are not required to provide or solicit clinical sites or preceptors.  The program coordinates sites and preceptors with the Area Health Education Center (AHEC).  All clinical sites and preceptors go through a formal review and approval process.

The official version of this material is updated every July and available at the UK Graduate School site in the Graduate Bulletin.

The Morehead campus and curriculum tracks are under the administration of the University of Kentucky Physician Assistant Program.  

Students complete the curriculum at their established campus in which they applied and/or are accepted.