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Didactic Courses

SemesterCourse NameCourse #Credit Hours
Spring IOverview of the US Health Care Delivery SystemPAS 6203.0
Spring IHuman PhysiologyPGY 412G4.0
Spring IHuman AnatomyANA 6115.0
Spring IIntro. to the PA ProfessionPAS 6512.0


SemesterCourse NameCourse #Credit Hours
Summer I (4-week)Research MethodsPAS 6103.0
Summer I (8-week)Health Promotion and Disease PreventionPAS 6782.0
Summer I (8-week)Intro to Health and DiseasePAS 6533.0


SemesterCourse NameCourse #Credit Hours
Fall IClinical Lecture Series IPAS 6544.0
Fall IPharmacologyPAS 6723.0
Fall IClinical MethodsPAS 6504.0
Fall IPsychosocial Factors in Primary CarePAS 6553.0
Fall IMasters Project IPAS 6451.0


SemesterCourse NameCourse #Credit Hours
Spring IIClinical Lecture Series IIPAS 6584.0
Spring IIPatient Evaluation and ManagementPAS 6564.0
Spring IIPharmacology IIPAS 6733.0
Spring IIClinical Lab ProceduresPAS 6573.0
Spring IIMasters Project IIPAS 6462.0


SemesterCourse NameCourse #Credit Hours
Summer II (4-week)Survey of Geriatric MedicinePAS 6403.0
Summer II (4-week)Clinical NutritionCNU 5031.0


Didactic total57.0 credit hours
Spring I14.0 hours
Summer I8.0 hours
Fall I15.0 hours
Spring II16.0 hours
Summer II4.0 hours


Clinical Rotation YearCourse NameCourse #Credit Hours
 Family Medicine (8 week)PAS 6606.0
 Internal Medicine (8 week)PAS 6696.0
 Pediatrics (4 week)PAS 6613.0
 Psychiatry (4 week)PAS 6713.0
 Selective (4 week)PAS 6653.0
 Woman's Health (4 week)PAS 6623.0
 Emergency Medicine (4 week)PAS 6703.0
 Geriatrics (4 week)PAS 6643.0
 Surgery (4 week)PAS 6633.0
 Elective (4 week)PAS 6653.0
 Seminar in PA Studies (4 week)PAS 6802.0

These courses and the Semester in which they occur are subject to change.
Clinical total: 38.0 credit hours
Curriculum Total: 95.0 credit hours

Curriculum (pdf)

Course Descriptions (pdf)


The official version of this material is available at the UK Graduate School site in the Graduate Bulletin.

The Morehead campus and curriculum track is under the administration of the University of Kentucky Physician Assistant Program.  

Lexington students may travel to Morehead as well as Morehead student may travel to Lexington due to program requirements.