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Health Services

Ming-Yuan Chih, PhD, MHA

Integrating mHealth for Alcohol Use Disorders into Clinical Practice

University of Wisconsin (National Institute on Alcohol Abuse & Alcoholism)

Mobile health systems (such as applications on smartphones) can monitor patients almost constantly and deliver help (messages, support, reminders, information) just when it’s needed. This project examines if such systems help primary care patients recover from alcohol use disorder. If so, is such a system more effective when used by patients independently or with monitoring from clinicians?

Project Period: 08/01/2018 to 04/30/2023

Total Award: $182,346

Rachel Graham, DRPH, MA

Examining the Integration of Hospitals, Public Health, and Social Services to Target the Social Determinants of Health Using Patient-Centered and Comparative Effectiveness Research Methods

Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality

This study examines the models being used across the U.S. to integrate public health and social services with clinical care provided in hospitals as a mechanism to target the social, behavioral, and environmental factors that contribute to hospitalizations and readmissions.

Project Period: 05/01/2018 to 04/30/2023

Total Award: $598,922

Rachel Graham, DRPH, MA

Aligning the Delivery and Finance Systems of the Social Service Sector to Absorb Hospital/Clinical Referrals

Trailhead Institute (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation)

This project focuses on system alignment between the medical and public health referrals to community resources as the results of increased screening on social determinants of health. The goals of this project are to answer, “What kinds of resources and services does the nonprofit sector provide to changing health systems?” and “What is the impact on the carrying capacity of the nonprofit sector as health systems’ dependence on the sector increases?” With these findings, existing and potentially innovative financing mechanisms for integrating the delivery of health care and public health services in a way that is equitable for all populations will be identified.

Project Period: 11/15/2017 to 11/14/2019

Total Award: $17,472