Graduate Certificate in Musculoskeletal Injury Management

Why a Graduate Certificate?

The University of Kentucky College will continue its long tradition of offering Post-Professional preparation of certified Athletic Trainers through a new Graduate Certificate in Musculoskeletal Injury Management.  For nearly two decades, UK has obtained a national reputation as a leader for preparing advanced clinicians in the field of Athletic Training. To remain a national leader in post-professional Athletic Training education, our faculty have elected to propose a graduate certificate with opportunities to gain two years of clinical experience as a certified Athletic Trainer. 

What Will I Learn?

This graduate certificate will focus on understanding, evaluating and treating musculoskeletal injuries in physically active populations.  As musculoskeletal injuries are the most common injury sustained in the physically active population, a post-professional graduate certificate that focuses on these conditions will be especially important for clinical professionals, such as athletic trainers.  Our faculty, clinical partners and resources at UK provide a strong framework for advanced education in the area of musculoskeletal injury. 

We will be able to offer focused coursework that will provide advanced didactic education related to mechanisms of musculoskeletal injury and current evidence for clinical management of these conditions. We will couple this with hands-on laboratory learning that will bolster the clinical skills related to evaluation and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries.  Therefore, we feel our expertise and resources will provide outstanding opportunities that will be highly sought after, particularly in the athletic training community. Please check out the curriculum here

Clinical Growth and Experience

Students enrolled in this program may be eligible for opportunities to work as a certified Athletic Trainer with one of our clinical partners to provide athletic training services in a variety of settings, including collegiate, high school and middle school athletics in the form of Athletic Training Fellowships. These fellowship opportunities offer a chance to work with Athletic Trainers and other heath care professionals to gain valuable experience. Many of these opportunities provide a salary, benefits and tuition coverage for our Graduate Certificate program. Please check out more information here.


Interested students can find admission procedures here.   Please contact Dr. Phillip Gribble, ATC, FNATA with more questions