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Athletic Training Directory

Athletic Training

Carrie Baker, PhD, ATC's picture
Carrie Baker, PhD, ATC Clinical Education Coordinator
Reiley Bergin's picture
Reiley Bergin Research Analytic
Kelly Calia's picture
Kelly Calia Administrative Services Assistant
Dee Dlugonski, PhD's picture
Dee Dlugonski, PhD Assistant Professor
Phillip Gribble, PhD, ATC, FNATA's picture
Phillip Gribble, PhD, ATC, FNATA Department Chair, Professor
Nick Heebner, PhD, ATC's picture
Nick Heebner, PhD, ATC Executive Associate Director, Sports Medicine Research Institute, Assistant Professor
Matt Hoch, PhD, ATC's picture
Matt Hoch, PhD, ATC Associate Professor, Associate Director, Sports Medicine Research Institute
Johanna M. Hoch, Ph.D., ATC's picture
Johanna M. Hoch, Ph.D., ATC Program Director, Assistant Professor
Michaela Keener, MS's picture
Michaela Keener, MS Research Administrative Coordinator
Rachel Kleis's picture
Rachel Kleis Teaching Assistant
Kyle Kosik, PhD, ATC's picture
Kyle Kosik, PhD, ATC Assistant Research Professor
Lana Ogle's picture
Lana Ogle Administrative Assistant
Ke'La Porter's picture
Ke'La Porter Research Assistant
Jeremy Ross, B.S., M.Ed., CSCS's picture
Jeremy Ross, B.S., M.Ed., CSCS Assistant Professor
Kyeongtak Song, PhD, ATC's picture
Kyeongtak Song, PhD, ATC Postdoctoral Scholar
Molly Taylor's picture
Molly Taylor Graduate Research Assistant