Post-Admissions Requirements

Once admitted in to the Professional Master's in Athletic Training Program, students will receive an email detailing all of the post-admissions requirements, some of which that must be completed prior to the start of  classes.  All materials listed below, unless otherwise noted, will be loaded in to the student's Castlebranch account. Please note all of these items will be at your own expense and costs may vary based on insurance.

Required BEFORE you arrive to campus: 

  1. A completed physical exam. The students must use this physical exam form.
  2. Background Check 
  3. 10-Panel Drug Screening
  4. Purchase Professional Liability Insurance
  5. Immunizations (TB, Hep B, MMR, Varicella, Tdap)
  6. Completion of Athletic Training Compliance Requirements Portfolio
  7. Submission of final academic transcript documenting conferral of undergraduate degree to the Graduate School
  8. Become a member of the National Athletic Trainer's Association (NATA)

Required AFTER you arrive to campus

  1. Flu Shot (due Sept. 15th)
  2. Fayette County Public School Background Check
  3. Additional compliance items, as needed, for immersive experiences (e.g. background checks, etc.)

COVID 19 information

COVID-19 vaccines are strongly encouraged but not currently mandated at the University of Kentucky. However, many of our clinical partners and off-campus course activities are in facilities that require health-care providers, including athletic training students, to be vaccinated. At present, some clinical sites, including UK Healthcare accept vaccination exemptions for approved medical or religious reasons, but some do not. Thus, without being vaccinated, we cannot assure you will be able to fulfill the clinical requirements for graduation. Although we strive to work with our clinical partners to accommodate every student, this is challenging as guidelines change. As an accepted student, if you choose to not be vaccinated, you will be subject to weekly COVID-19 testing, as currently mandated by the University. Further, by accepting admission into our program, you are agreeing to comply with any future mandates set forth by the University of Kentucky.