Frequently Asked Questions

Application Process

The process requires two applications. All applicants should apply to the Professional Master of Science in Athletic Training Program through ATCAS and the University of Kentucky Graduate School. All application documents (transcripts, letters of recommendation, etc.) should be submitted via ATCAS, not the Graduate School.

No, the GRE is not a required component of the application.

Yes, applicants are strongly encouraged to submit their application even though prerequisite courses are not complete. We will require a complete transcript prior to the start of classes demonstrating successful completion of your baccalaureate degree, including any outstanding prerequisite courses.

Yes, students can submit their application even though they are still completing their observation hours. If offered admissions, you will be conditionally admitted pending completion of the observation hours.

If COVID-19 has limited your ability to complete the required number of observation hours, the Program has developed an alternative requirement to fulfill the observation hours. Applicants are encouraged to contact the Program Director for additional information.

We anticipate finalizing the cohort by March, the semester before the Summer start date.

We accept up to 20 students into the program each year.

The University of Kentucky Professional Master of Science in Athletic Training Program is unique for many different reasons. Not only do we have nationally and internationally recognized faculty and clinicians, we also have state of the art academic, research, and clinical facilities. We are housed on a medical campus with opportunities to collaborate with our healthcare colleagues and have a vast alumni network that support our Program and students.

Questions regarding whether a course meets the prerequisite requirements should be emailed to the Program Director. Please include a description of the course and a course syllabus with your request.

In order to be successful in the Program you must have good time management and study skills. Our program includes rigorous didactic education along with clinical education experiences. Students must be confident in their study skills and time management in order to maintain Program eligibility, but also to truly learn and practice to effectively prepare themselves for their future role as a healthcare provider.

There is not one particular undergraduate major that is best for pre-athletic training students. All students, regardless of undergraduate major, will be competitive in the application process. All applicants should make sure they complete all required prerequisite courses as these are a required element of our application process. Many of our current students have completed undergraduate degrees in programs such as Human Health Sciences, Exercise Science and Kinesiology and Health Promotion.

Programmatic Questions

Yes, we will accept Pass/Fail grades for prerequisite courses completed in the Spring 2020. Please see our official response to the changes in admission processes due to COVID-19 here.

The Program starts in May. It is a cohort program, with only one start date each academic year. This date will vary  depending on the summer semester calendar.

The Program is two full academic years (Summer, Fall, Spring, Summer II, Fall II, Spring II) in length.

Students begin their clinical experiences during the first Fall semester.

We have clinical experiences in the traditional athletic training setting including Division I, Division III and high school athletic venues. We also have clinical experiences with non-traditional settings such as occupational/industrial and general medical rotations. We are currently working on developing clinical experiences across the country including professional sports, military and other collegiate settings for our immersive experiences.

This occurs in the last semester of the program (Spring II). 

The UK Academic Calendar can be found here.

Financial Information

  • The Professional Master of Science in Athletic Training Program does not have any Program specific scholarship opportunities at this time.
  • The College of Health Sciences has scholarship opportunities open to undergraduate, graduate and professional students through the Office of Student Affairs. Students enrolled in the Program are eligible to apply once they have earned 12 credit hours. A list of the College of Health Science Scholarship opportunities can be found here.
  • Additional funding opportunities for graduate students can be found here.
  • Students will also be encouraged to apply to scholarship opportunities through the National Athletic Trainer’s Association (NATA), the Southeast Athletic Trainer’s Association (SEATA) and the Kentucky Athletic Trainer’s Society (KATS)

We do not prohibit our students from having a job while enrolled in the Program. However, we do strongly advise students to consider the demands of the didactic and clinical education prior to starting their job.

Some good websites to use to find a place to live include:

Some apartment complexes within walking distance/on the bus route include:

Newtown Crossing,
Royal Lexington,
The Wyatt,
Belmont Run Apartments, and more.

Rent with roommates is typically $400-$600/peron and $600 - $1000 if living alone.

Streets within walking distance (5-30 minutes) include: Press Avenue, University Avenue, Waller Avenue, Elizabeth Street, South Broadway Park, Cedar Street, Ayelsford place, Woodland Avenue, Park Avenue. The University of Kentucky is a bike friendly campus.